Bin Mansour Transport & General Contracting , established in 1975 became the leader in the transportation sector of the United Arab Emirates.

Through its fleet of transportation trucks and heavy equipment, Bin Mansour became able to satisfy its consumers with the fastest deliveries and providing safest working environments for its customers and employees.

As a pioneer in the transportation world Bin Mansour is expanding its activities and covering the areas within the United Arab Emirates and more.

These activities include general transportation, demolishing buildings and other constructions. Not only on-shore Bin mansour was able to support off-shore oil and gas field services and many other activities.

Bin Mansour transport was able to expand and succeed in this sector of the market under the excellent guidance of the general manager and directions of its project managers.

They ensured to employ professional and trained drivers, provide vehicles/equipment of adequate capacity and suitable design for the work to be performed, performing regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles and equipment and developing rational scheduling giving the drivers sufficient time to complete their journey safety.

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